• Boutique origin for salmon

    The Faroe Islands is the perfect location for salmon.  Its remote location is complemented by pristine clear waters, cool steady sea temperatures and strong currents

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    The Faroe Islands Origin

    The Faroese aquaculture industry has a long and proud history with roots dating back to 1967. This heritage, combined with ideal natural conditions and a commitment to sustainability and quality has resulted in Faroe Islands Salmon being internationally renowned for its high quality.

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  • Purified for PCBs and Dioxins

    Since 2015 Bakkafrost has been feeding all of its salmon with feed produced with fish oil which is purified for environmental pollutants like PCBs and Dioxins

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    Own feed production

    Feed is one of the most important aspects of producing top quality salmon. Therefore Bakkafrost produces its own feed.  Havsbrún is Bakkafrost´s feed company. Uniquely, Bakkafrost even produces its own fish meal and fish oil, which is then processed into high quality fish feed at the same facility.  

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  • Bakkafrost farm ASC certified

    Gøtuvík is the first ASC certified farm in the Faroe Islands

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    Quality Standards and Certifications

    Bakkafrost already has several other international certifications. The whole value chain is GlobalGAP and HACCP certified and the processing plants are BRC, IFS and ASC Chain of Custody certification.

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  • Passion for quality

    Bakkafrost is the leading producer of top quality salmon from the Faroe Islands. Bakkafrost salmon is especially healthy and rich in the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids

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    Natural Salmon

    Bakkafrost salmon receives a natural diet of NON GMO feed which is rich in marine content. Bakkafrost has not used antibiotics in more than a decade.

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  • Full vertical integration

    Uniquely, Bakkafrost is fully vertically integrated from fish meal and fish oil to finished value added products and sales

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  • € 200 m investment plan

    Bakkafrost has announced an investment plan where the group is investing € 200 m throughout the value chain

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    New State of the Art Factory

    A key part of the investment plan is to consolidate 7 different production plants into 1 new state of the art facility making Bakkafrost´s production even more competitive

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  • New state of the art wellboat

    The new wellboat carries the name of the founder of Bakkafrost "Hans á Bakka" and will help secure the quality of Bakkafrost´s Salmon in addition to the biological security in the Faroe Islands

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    Width - 16 m
    Length - 75,8 m
    Size - 3.560 BT
    Capacity - 3.000 m3
    Propulsion - 2.998 kW
    Transport capacity - 450 t live salmon

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  • Expanding smolt capacity

    Bakkafrost is quadrupling the smolt production capacity at its biggest hatcery which is located in Viðareiði.  The extra capacity will be used to increase the size of Bakkafrost´s smolt.

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    Investing in bigger smolt

    Increasing the smolt size will shorten the production time at sea enabeling organic growth and decreasing the risk of exposior to sealice and disease

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  • Delicious salmon recipes

    Delicious Recipes with Salmon from the Faroe Islands

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    Taste the difference

    We believe that our commitment to fish welfare, our sustainable practices and investment in a premium natural diet rich in marine content makes for a tastier salmon for the discerning customer.

03. November 2015
Q3 2015 - Operational EBIT of DKK 206 million in third quarter
The total volumes harvested in Q3 2015 were 12,982 tonnes gutted weight, which is an increase of 19%...
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25. September 2015
Bakkafrost - Company of the Year 2015
Bakkafrost has been chosen Company of the Year 2015 by a jury appointed by the Faroese House of Indu...
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